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Luxury Spa Experiences

Are you in need of best Spa Services?
You are searching for professionals to look after your tiring hands and feet?
Are you longing for a calm and soothing environment?

To step out from the monotonous routine and fulfill the urge of stepping in a calm world, opt for calming and exotic services at KT Nail Spa. Our Spa is a soothing spa providing you enchanted and healthier environment which helps you to switch off and relax, boost your energies and recharge, detox and beautify. The health-promoting experience of the Spa will surely have a great effect on your physical and mental fitness. The healing powers of leg and elbow massage and nail treatments, manicures and pedicures provide you benefits that extend their effects beyond the physical limits and calm your mind.

Our Spa is the most exotic and outlandish spa that provides engaging and reasonable services in South Carolina. At KT Nail Spa we believe that beauty and health have a great link with each other. So we ensure a healthier and more beautiful future for you. Our experts and dedicated Spa team guarantee you a healthier and improved journey that augments your well-being and invigorates your spirit. We provide you a calm, comforting and well-designed environment with gentle music, erotic lighting, and pleasant fragrances and aromas that makes the place so clean and sanitary.

Our goal is to provide you most calming and comforting spa experience you ever had. You are just not our clients but our guest and you will surely be treated as guests. Our friendly environment, cherishing staff, from the person who makes your appointments at the front desk to nail technicians, massage experts and nail artists, all are waiting for you with welcoming hands. Best customer care is our main mission as our taglines states “Tender Loving Care”. We make our customers feel comfortable and at home. Whatever the services you need for yourself, our team will provide you with your unique demands and needs. Taking care of your health and beauty is the main focus of our Spa.

Welcome to a healthier and comforting experience.


Pedicure, Manicure & Artificial Nail Treatments

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Basic Pedicure ——————$24

Callus Treatment————— $26

Deluxe Pedicure with Wine ———— $30

Paraffin Pedicure With Wine ———- $35

Exotic Pedicure ——————————- $35

(Papaya, mango, vanilla, wild plum, lavender)

Hot stone Pedicure ————————— $35

Milk and Honey Pedicure —————— $45

(With wine and hand massage)

Champagne and Rose Pedicure ————– $ 40

Organic 4-1KT Spa With Hand Massage —– $45

(Lavender, tangerine, olive, cucumber, green tea, charcoal vitamin recharge, jasmine)

Volcano Surprise Spa —————————- $45

(With hand massage)


Hot Stone ————————– $ 7

Paraffin —————————- $ 7

Callus Sock ———————– $ 7


> Spa services from $ 30 and up will have beverage of choice

(Wine, water, soda)

> Spa services from $ 45 will have beverage and hand

Massage up to elbow

Basic Manicure————————— $16

Deluxe Manicure ———————— $22

Paraffin Manicure———————— $22

Gelish Colors—————————— $22 and up

Gelish Manicure————————– $32 and up

SNS Dipping Manicure—————— $50

Add on

Paraffin, Collagen (For Soft and moisturizing skin) $ 7

Acrylic Nail

Full Set —————————— $27 and Up

Fill INS —————————— $15 and Up

Full Set with Gel Polish ———— $42 and Up

Fill INS with Gel Polish ———– $32 and Up

Repair ——————————- $3 and Up

Powder Gel                                                                           

Full Set ——————————- $37

Fill INS ——————————- $22

Repair ——————————– $3 and Up

Solar Pink and White

Full Set —————————— $47

Fill INS Pink ———————— $27

Fill INS Pink and White ———– $37

Repair ——————————- $5

Powder Color

Full Set —————————– $57

Fill INS Pink ———————– $27

Fill INS Pink and Color ———– $45

Repair ——————————- $5

SNS Dipping ——————– $40+

(Non-chemical products that help to promote your natural nail grow healthier, highly recommended)

Liquid Gel ———————— $50



“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Book a treatment this month and receive a 25% on all further treatments.



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